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Cash Flow King

Dec 23, 2019

Dr. Matt Motil breaks down why and when it makes sense to start plunking down cold hard cash towards your real estate investing goals. Hint: It's not right away - and it might be never! 

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Dec 16, 2019

We have all heard it... money is the root of all evil! Many of my friends and relatively honestly believe that you cannot be religious or spiritual and have "stuff". To be close to God means we need to be poor. Really? 

Let's continue the chat on money, energy, and what really is going on here! 

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Dec 6, 2019

Our thoughts become our reality. Don’t believe me? Look around at where your life is, where your relationships are, where your business is... and realize it’s all your fault! 

When we change our mind, we change our lives. Listen in this week as Dr Matt Motil talks about raising the discipline in our lives and how...