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Cash Flow King

Jun 7, 2019

In this show we talk about leveraging rental real estate investments to live a life we actually love. We take for granted that at some point we will be in a position to enjoy the fruits of what we are striving so hard to achieve. What if that was taken from you? What if your situation changed and you could no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy? 

That's the situation for young Colin and his parents. At 14, Colin suffered a heart attack during football practice and was life-flighted to the hospital. During the review by the medical team, it was discovered that Colin not only had a heart attack, but was diagnosed with leukemia! 

Two years later, Colin is still struggling to beat this cancer and he's on the home path. Unfortunately, it's taken a huge toll on him and his family. His mother home schooled him this past year, and stayed home from work to attend to his care. 

Being a business owner in Twinsburg, Ohio, Matt knew that more needed to be done to raise awareness of what the family has gone through and is attempting to rally his network behind him to provide help, that most likely the family never thought would come. 

Dr. Matt shares his own story of struggling with cancer and childhood illness of his oldest at a very young age. If any part of this call touches or moves you, would you consider making a donation? 

The family has a goal of $30,000 and has a long way to go!